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Linnea Safe®, is a recommended filling method such as Bioplasty that gives a reposition of facial and body volume, naturally lost within the years. With Linnea Safe®, filling procedures are excellently done with safety and natural results.


bioplastia facial e corporalFrom two decades was developed the first implants that contain microspheres of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). On the other hand this is a synthetic polymer used in cosmetic esthetic for filling soft parts.

According to responsible scientists, the PMMA has the ideal perimeter for the microspheres to inhibit phagositosys by macrophages and generate big cells. The researches yet indicate that the smallers than 20 microns microspheres of PMMA can shows lower esthetics results.

Linnea Safe® uses the technology UMSS (Uniform Microsphere Smooth Surface) getting therefore accuracy in shape and uniformity of surface of particles of polymethylmethacrylate.


Bioplasty is an unagressive technique in wich implants of biocompatible materials by micro cannulas filling and giving back lost volume. Besides rejuvenates and corrects several face and body areas in punctual safe way.

Linnea Safe® is a product compound of hydroxyethylcellulose hydrogel microspheres used in bioplasty to be a non-toxic biocompatible product and does not migrate. The procedure is realized with local anesthesia under skin or muscle and when applied and accept by body encourage natural collagen production.

Bioplasty can enhace traces of beauty, criate contours to the people that do not have and recuperate face shapes that is already lost and aged or yet fill the result of a plastic cosmetic surgery.

Gluteus Bioplasty


Gluteus bioplasty allows realize few changes like redefinition of butt shapes, elevate it and increase its volume. The procedure of gluteus bioplastie is indicate in several cases, between then small and flattened gluteus or even those that are disproportionate to the body.

Fill face and body


The technique of fill have been widely used in procedures like filingl lips, chin (genioplasty advancement and reduction)nose job, hands rejuvenation, filling gluteus, increase thighs, padding for increased calf and under study for breast enhancement

22nd Congress of EADV


The Linnea Safe was approached in two scientific papers on 22nd European Congress of Dermatology in october of 2013, in Istanbul, Turkey.

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